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Judge orders Midtown/UMKC streetcar election to proceed

Read coverage here. The judge’s full order is here. Information about the streetcar extension through Midtown to UMKCĀ is at

2016 Annual Meeting tickets on sale now

Who is the Transit Advocate of the Year? Find out at our 2016 Annual Meeting, to be held Thursday, Oct. 27. This year’s meeting will be at the Plaza Branch of the Kansas City Public Library, overlooking the route of the future streetcar extension to UMKC.

Tickets are $30 for current members, $35 for non-members:

TDD election schedule updated


The Streetcar Extension TDD potential schedule has been updated to reflect sensitivity to timing concerns expressed by the City Council.

The revised schedule calls for the conduct of the TDD formation election after the April 2017 municipal election, which will contain at least two citywide questions.

See for the updated schedule.

Streetcar Public Hearing — 9am, Thursday, Sept. 15

See this story for more information.