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2020 Strategic Plan

Celebrating 20 Years

The Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance (KCRTA) is twenty years old. For the past two decades, our volunteer-led board has worked hard to promote a regional transit network that improves access to opportunity across the region; supported streetcar development and expansion, and advocated for multiple transportation issues across Kansas City.

Looking forward to our next twenty years, we are excited to see an even more dynamic, responsive, safe and equitable transit network for the 21st century.

Initiative One: Fiscal Sustainability

Advocate for the adoption of regional transportation funding to support sustainable mobility options for all.

  • GOAL 1.1 Develop the KCRTA position on a preferred regional funding mechanism.
  • GOAL 1.2 Cultivate corporate champions and partners in support of regional funding and zero fare transit.GOAL 1.3 Execute a regional survey to understand public sentiment on transit and transportation funding.
  • GOAL 1.3 Execute a regional survey to understand public sentiment on transit and transportation funding.

Initiative Two: Safe Streets

Support adoption of Vision Zero policies and action plans across the Kansas City metro in pursuit of safer streets for all.

  • GOAL 2.1 Build a Vision Zero Alliance with other organizations and advocates through outreach, shared messaging and thought leadership.
  • GOAL 2.2 Engage new and existing members through events, social media and development of shared tools to track our progress. advocating for a regional data dashboard to track outcomes.
  • GOAL 2.3 Partner to implement a physical installation demonstrating safety-enhancing design in collaboration with local neighborhood leaders.

Initiative Three: Future-Readiness

Develop KCRTA organizational capacity for the next twenty years of regional transit advocacy.

  • GOAL 3.1 Grow our reach through regular communications, events and partnerships. 
  • GOAL 3.2 Host a 20 year celebration of KCRTA in Fall 2020.
  • GOAL 3.3 Build our funding and membership pipeline for the future.

Download the complete plan here.