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The Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance is a non-profit organization that educates the public on transit accessibility, gathers public opinion, communicates, and advocates to expand, enhance, and improve today’s transit options.¬†KCRTA maintains a constant dialogue with metro area public officials who ultimately bring the decisions to develop better public transportation to you. Our mission is to expand, enhance, and improve mass transit in the Kansas City region.
KCRTA central themes:

  • To broaden public understanding of and build public consensus for seamless, multi-modal regional mass transit. We are translators of the landscape on a region-wide basis.
  • To share research insights among decision makers and support innovate transit funding mechanisms. Decision makers rely on us early and often, in both technical and advisory capacities.
  • To advocate for transit, build case studies and assemble stories of people who depend on, or would utilize more, a regional transit system that would increase mobility, impact business market share, and positively influence the quality of life around broad community issues.

We believe that transit plays a key role in supporting the economy, energy independence, and a cleaner environment.


Established in 2000, the KCRTA is the only non-profit organization aggressively advocating for and educating our citizens about mass transit.  Our intent is to ensure everyone recognizes the benefits of an expanded, enhanced, and improved mass transit system.

Board of Directors

  • Matt Staub, Chair [email]
  • Ashley Z. Hand, Vice Chair
  • Josh Boehm, Secretary
  • Matt Kauffman, AIA, Treasurer
  • Robert M. Pitkin, General Counsel
  • Sarah Frost, Immediate Past Chair
  • Kendra Burgess
  • Mark Corriston
  • Gardiner Davis
  • Tom Deacy
  • Sean Demory
  • Randy Dunn
  • John Fairfield
  • Andrew Ganahl
  • Jared Gulbranson
  • David A. Johnson, Ex-Officio
  • Laura Machala, Ex-Officio
  • Donna Mandelbaum, Ex-Officio
  • Jon Moore, Ex-Officio
  • Kevin O’Neill
  • Josh Powers, Ex-Officio
  • David Rowe
  • Damon Smith
  • Kite Singleton
  • Scott Wagner
  • Matt Webster

Financial Support

KCRTA is a 501(c)3 organization that conducts itself with integrity and objectivity. We rely on the financial support of corporations, institutions, individuals, and local governments.

To make a donation to KCRTA, please click here.