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Missouri generates over $4 billion annually in public transit revenue

The latest “Economic Impact of Missouri Transit” study from the Missouri Public Transit Association is out and confirms that public transit in the state generated $4 billion annually.


  • There are 32 transit providers in Missouri that collectively promote personal mobility in every single county by providing a total of 40.1 million rides annually. For some, transit is the sole means by which they can gain access to work, school, healthcare facilities, pharmacies, grocery stores and other needed goods and services. Others have personal vehicles but like to use public transit because it offers a safer, more cost-effective and convenient means for getting to places for work or play.
  • Transit gets thousands of Missourians to and from their place of employment every day. It also directly employs more than 3,800 individuals, with an annual average salary of $86,400, and indirectly adds more than 22,000 jobs to the state each year.
  • Transit yields an overall economic impact of $4.05 billion annually, including $481 million in spending by transit riders. Over the last five years, transit agencies spent an average of $401 million annually on capital investments. The state government collects an estimated average of $51 million in annual taxes because of the direct and multiplier effects of transit.