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Midtown/UMKC Streetcar Extension Resources


The information below describes the local funding portion (via a new Transportation Development District) of the proposed extension of the downtown streetcar further south, through Midtown, to the vicinity of the University of Kansas City-Missouri Volker Campus:

  • UPDATED 4/18/17! A new map has been published that simplifies the district boundary. The previous district map that showed the Modeled Special Assessment Zones is still available, but has been enhanced with more contrast. The proposed TDD boundary did NOT change.
  • UPDATED 4/5/17! The mail-in ballot application is now live at
  • Extended streetcar TDD election schedule (elections starting in 2017 and completing in early 2018).
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the streetcar extension proposal.
  • Extended streetcar TDD map, which would replace the existing downtown TDD (shown in green). The new TDD runs from the Missouri River on the north to approximately 53rd Street on the south, State Line on the west and Campbell Street on the east.
  • Estimated streetcar extension capital costs.
  • Proposed TDD assessment rates (same as the downtown streetcar TDD, see the above map for the modeled special assessment zone to determine if your property is included in the yellow shaded area — which is preliminary and subject to change). Special assessments are only applied to properties within approximately 1/3-mile (comfortable walking distance) from the streetcar alignment.
  • Letter of support from MainCor and the Main Street Community Improvement District.
  • Letter of support from the Board of Trustees of the Kansas City Art Institute.
  • Letter of support from the local chapter of the Sierra Club.
  • Public Notice for the TDD hearing held on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016.
  • KCRTA presentation to City Council Business Session on Thursday, August 18, 2016. Watch the video.
  • KCRTA press release announcing the TDD petition submission on June 9, 2016.

Please review the 2014 NextRail study with preliminary information on the Main Street extension. For more information about TDDs, see the Missouri Revised Statues covering the TDD Act. Information about the Riverfront streetcar extension is here.

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