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16th Circuit Court waives judicial hearing in streetcar case

On Aug. 19, the 16th Circuit Court held a status conference on the streetcar extension case and KCRTA asked the Court to forego the judicial hearing as permitted under the TDD Act when no one files an opposition in the proceeding.

Under such circumstances, the court can make its ruling based on the pleadings alone. The judge decided to do so.

The TDD Act expressly permits this when no opposition to the legality of the proposed district needs to be ruled upon by the Court. Considering that two prior courts have reviewed this same structure and finance plan before and found them to be lawful, we anticipate that this proposed district will be certified for voter consideration by the Court as were the prior proposals.

This only affects the judicial hearing that would have been held on Sept. 16. The Court will still hold the public hearing on Sept 15, as previously noticed. Assuming the Court certifies the district for voter consideration as anticipated, the Court would issue that order sometime after Sept. 15.