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KCRTA opposes Question 1 on August 8 ballot

The Board of the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance opposes Question 1 on the August 8 ballot in Kansas City, Missouri.

While seeming just to require a citywide vote for streetcar expansion, the ballot language actually contains a provision to penalize “all City officers, agents, and employees” $1,000 per day for engaging in any planning or preparation for streetcar or fixed rail of any kind.

This subversive threat to freedom of speech should be voted down. Creating such an impediment to the expansion of Kansas City’s transit network after the overwhelming success of the Downtown Streetcar makes no sense. While a citywide election may have merit, gagging public employees and elected officials with the threat of fines may be unconstitutional and expose the city to potential litigation. We encourage the voters of Kansas City to reject Question 1.

The sample August 8 ballot is available here.