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Transportation at the Ballot Box: Portland’s Get Moving 2020 Initiative

On November 3, in addition to the presidential race and slew of gubernatorial, state legislative, and mayoral elections, voters across the country will weigh in on dozens of transportation-related ballot measures. Among the major transportation measures on the ballot this year is the Portland region’s Get Moving initiative. The initiative would fund hundreds of transit, safety, and roadway improvements, including a new light rail line, rapid regional bus network, bridge replacements, and pedestrian-bicycle infrastructure along 17 primary corridors.

In this webinar, Tyler Frisbee, Transportation Policy and Federal Affair Manager at Oregon Metro, will provide an overview of the history of the Get Moving initiative, details on proposed projects and funding mechanisms, and discuss how COVID-19 factored into the region’s ballot measure planning.

Tyler FrisbeeTransportation Policy and Federal Affairs Manager, Oregon Metro
Romic AevazPolicy Analyst, Eno Center for Transportation

Just say yes to “Zero Fare” transit

KCATA CEO Robbie Makinen has been making waves with a proposal to eliminate the fare on local bus routes as a way to increase ridership and provide a more equitable transportation system.

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